Our final edit !

This is our final edit of our intro for our AS coursework. Our group has created this clip through working together as a team and helping each other out.


Evaluation Task 8, My Feedback

This is my evaluation task 8, in this task I collected feedback from certain people where they told me the feed what was good and what wasn’t so good in our intro that we made.

In this task I either filmed  people from the other group in our class, this consisted of Phillip and Amir. I did this during lesson time when we were with each other as that was the best and easyest time to do it as we were all together in our class room. I then went to people in the same boarding house as me and asked them what they thought of it, these boys consisted of Mathew, James and Charles. Between these 3 people 2 of them take media (James and Charles). I filmed them in their rooms during prep time when i was working on this post, I sot all of them in the same night. On top of this i got some written feedback; I messaged some people using Facebook messenger and got them to answer. i did not include their names because they didnt want to be shown on my video, but i screenshoted the text they sent and put it on my video.

To do this I filmed them using my Iphone 7 whilst holding it whith my hands as i din’t have a tripod or any other means of stabilisation at the time and it made them feel more comfortable, as i made it feel like they were talking to me rather then a camera.

After this I uploaded all of the shots and footage to my laptop and edited it using IMovie and uploaded it to youtube, where I then copied and pasted the link into this blog post so that you can see my video.

The point of this task is so that when we come to film our next video we know what we have done well and what needs improving on, for example lots of people iked the point of view shots and the humour involved, this shows that we should pick funny themes as we know how to create humour and that we have good usage of shots, but on the ither hand we should chose our title more carefully and use differnt fonts as some people thought it made it look ameture. However this is all constructive critisism and we know what to do next time.

Evaluation task 7

This is Task 7 of our evaluation task. In this task we had to say what we felt that we had learnt in the procces from our prelim task to now; what we have improved on … I have said a bit about the prelim task and what went wrong and how we have improved on this now in our final edit, for example we have improved massivly on our acting skills, partially because we took it more seriously than the prelim task and we work better as a group now then before, this made a huge difference on our filming as it wasnt awquard this time as we know each other a lot better.

Evaluation Task 6

What technology we used?

For our intro that we made we had to use various types of technology.

To physically shoot our film we had to use a camera that can record, Nathan happened to have a Cannon EOS 100D, he has this camera as he like photography and takes it as an A level. This camera is very good quality and can be used in many different settings. For our film we used the standard setting as we didn’t want to over complicate anything. It was a very practical camera as it is a good size and could do many different things.


Next we had to edit the shots we had taken and combine them to form a complete video. We did this by transferring the videos from the SD card to Payu’s MacBook Pro and put them onto the app “IMovie” which you can edit videos on and upload the videos to websites like YouTube, which we did. We also used websites such as wordpress and apps such as power point. We used wordpress to document what we weregiphy 4.gif doing and why we were doing this in order to achieve our final edit. We used power point so we could use creative ICT and express our views in an interesting way.                                                             We used voice-overs in certain parts of the intro, we did this by recording sounds on voice memos, on our iPhones and sending them to the laptop, then editing them on using IMovie. During task 8 when i filmed my feedback i used my MacBook Air to film myslef and my Iphone 7 to film the others, i them Air droped them to my laptop and editied it on IMovie, uploaded it to youtube and then put it onto my blog on wordpress.

youtube.pnggiphy 3.gif





Evaluation Task 4, My Target Audience

This is part of my evaluation on our groups final edit.in this post I have included screenshots off my power point, about who my target audience are. At the beginning we chose the fan girl as our target audience and at the end it hadn’t changed as we stuck to our genre and our story line. It attracts the fan girl because they are young, wealthy and like mainstream things, this is what we included in our intro as we have three teenagers in it, one girl and two boys who they can relate to as they are around the same age as the audience.  Also for example: Eddie is dressed wealthier than others, this is definitely something they can relate to and this will make them understand it better. In my post I have included the definition of a fan girl and some pictures of them to give you an idea of what they look like. I found the fan girl off UK tribes the website; this tells you what all the different groups of people are from Emos to Hippies. I have reaserched our target audience to give us a guiding point on what shots to use etc. This will help us because if we know our target audience is the fangirl, then we can plan our shots, costumes, makeup, dialouge and many more things to satisfy their needs. For example if our target audience is a fan girl, this means that we will put happyer and more popular theme tunes as they like pop music, we will enlcude hummor, livelyness and romance, because this is what they like an it will attract them more

This post will give you a better understanding of our target audience and why we chose them, as I have explained and described them in the PowerPoint, I have also included a slight background of what I think their lives are like.

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Evaluation Task 3

For task 3 we I have to decide what media institution would distribute our product and why we chose them.

In our final edit we had to include our ident and a real life institutions ident. for this we thought about who is a popular distribution company. We can up with institutions such as warner bros, Disney, 20th century fox, lions gate and working title. We wanted a distribution company that deals with a lot of rom-com as that is the genre of our intro, we thought that 20th century or warner bros would be a good choice for these, because they are well known and there target audience is teenagers which happens to be our target audience aswell, this is why it suits us. After looking at the different institutions and going through a process of elimination we decided to go with 20th century fox. Another good reason to oick this company to disribute our movie is because they have a large capital, wide fan rage and great marketing skills combined with a good reputation. This is everything that we need to get our film out on the market as quickly and as eficiently as possiable.

20th century fox